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We are one of the first contracting and suppliers companies in the Northern part of Kingdom,our company executes tens of contracts annually by the specified time, and we have not any registered case of delay.

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An agreement has been signed with Mercedes to strengthen our fleet with four axes trucks, it will arrive at the beginning of the next year according to the best designs.

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We have been honored by the major Caterpillar company for purchasing many modern and advanced equipment and participating in exhibitions at the regional level

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We have completed the necessary preparations for the contracting and implementation of major projects at the level of reign, in addition to what we have mentioned above about expanding and strengthen our fleet of trucks through qualifying our cadres with specialized courses to work professionally and according to international conditions and requirements.

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Very soon .............. Wait us ....... We have many to announce.

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Dwairi contracting and suppliers

Mafraq, محافظة المفرق, الأردن